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Ayman is a Syrian activist, self-taught cinematographer, and filmmaker. His passion started when filming his journey to the UK, including his one year in Calais, which contributed footage to the documentary "AYMAN," telling his story.

He has since shot films for NGOs like Choose Love and UNHCR, as well as creative projects for the NHS and artists such as Anne Marie.

He also worked as an actor, authenticity consultant, and translator on films such as "The Swimmers" and "Jungle," and he has been involved in the camera department of the film 

"The Great Escaper" starring Michael Caine and other tv shows.

His latest project, a short film called "Matar," which he shot and co-wrote, has been screened at BAFTA and was also featured in the British Cinematographer Magazine, highlighting Ayman’s cinematography and activism, a feature film based on the short film Ayman wrote is now in development with the BBC.

He also volunteers as an Arabic interpreter to help asylum seekers in the UK and recently ran an internship-to-film course as a DOP with BAFTA for young asylum seekers in the UK who are passionate about learning the craft of filmmaking. 


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